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So we are experimenting on Max’s sleep. We decided to take out his 2nd nap. Bottom line is that he is actually asleep. Last night he was up until 11 pm. Yes 11 pm and I was a nut because I was trying to pack for our vacation and the little guy just wanted to party. I knew he did not feel well but he was so cranky because he was tired but not tired enough. Max would hear me leave his room and open his eyes and start to cry. I knew he was tired and he knew he was tired but he just could not settle down.

Tonight I started rocking him and he laid his head down on my chest and I started to breathe (FYI: I had my first Reiki Class today and it was awesome and I am sure I was so chill. ) Anyway, he went right to sleep. He stayed asleep when I left the room and he is still sleeping. Now that is awesome and I am doing the so happy momma dance.

I am so super excited for our trip. I cannot wait.Did I say I cannot wait? LOL

Also, I treated myself to hiring a person to update the look of my blog. I am excited for that too. I will keep you guys posted as to when that happens.

How was your day today?

Last night I had one of those nights where I just needed to either cry, scream or give up and run. Max has had an ear infection and of course, teething and of course, a cold and of course a stuffy nose..so what does that leave a momma with-NO SLEEP. I AM RUN DOWN, TIRED AND A LITTLE NUTTY. When I get tired, I start to think that every other baby in the world sleeps and then I think that every other mom in the world never has any problems getting their kid to sleep. Max is a great kid. He is one of the happiest and most chill babies that I have ever met but he is not the greatest night sleeper. I go back and forth-in my bed and not in my bed. My kid just does not want to be alone when he is in pain and ya know-I wouldn’t either but I also know that he needs to sleep on his own. The only thing that worked was when I phased him into my version of sleep training but he has had an ear infection for a few weeks and so that is not possible. I am not risking his ears or his emotional state. So he has not been able to get comfortable and he tries and tries and then he is awake. WIDE AWAKE!! Last night, after wanting to scream and throw stuff against the wall and a few times of counting from 1 to 10, well I picked up my little (after an hour of trying to get him to sleep) and we watched a movie together. My hubby was out with friends. It was nice. Max and I watched The Holiday (great feel good movie). He was sleepy. He laid his head on my lap and drank a bottle and watched the movie. An hour later he laid his head down on the floor and went to sleep.  I moved him to the over sized chair and looked at my little angel sleeping. AAAHHH!!!I start to feel like a nut for complaining about sleep when he is such a good kid but sleep is huge for my mental well being. I know you guys always remind me that I am not alone but it is so easy to forget all the posts I read on mommies struggling with sleep.So who knows what is going on with my kid and his sleep habits. Poor baby but poor mama! Sorry for the blah, blah, blah but this momma needs a break. 

Max’s new toy

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Baby Max in the closet, originally uploaded by Maxsmom.

Yeah this seems to be the new game in my house.

Does this happen in your house as well?

The whole family got it

I am so sorry we have been missing in action but we all got sick. It is kind of cute when your hubby asks you to feed the dog and you roll off your seat onto the floor because you have no energy. Well that happened the day before. lol

So I have nothing to say except ugh and ugh and ugh. I think it is time to get my immune system working again. The cold and warm and cold and warm weather is not making it any easier. But I will not complain because it was 65 today.

I am sure we will be better. It seems that everyone on the east coast in the tri state area seems to have this. But soon we will be away for a week. So excited!!


It has been a while since I did a food post. I have found a new company called Healthy Times . They make so many wonderful products that are dairy, wheat and soy free. They also make shampoo and conditioner that is wonderful. Most of the baby shampoos and conditioners are made with Lavender and some babies are sensitive to Lavender. Max is fine with Lavender but it is just good to know. So Max has been eating tons of snacks and cookies made by this company.

We also have just tried Barbara’s Bakery wheat free fig newtons . They are great. I loved them too.

He has also been eating Falafel balls and potato pancakes. He loves brown rice too. He is a kid after my own heart…well of course he is my kid. I could eat Middle Eastern food all day and potato pancakes, well I am a JEW and so of course, I love them.

Max has also been eating broccoli, peas, carrots, cauliflower and celery. Be careful with celery because it has a tendency to cause allergic reactions as well in some babies.

Max’s new favorite is sorbet. Of course, sorbet is amazing for teething as well. He loves Mango. I am lucky because just down the street is a place that has fresh sorbet year round. OH YUMMY! Put it this way, my kid has not allowed me to feed him with a spoon for over 2 months. BotTom line: HE LETS ME USE A SPOON IF IT IS SORBET. SMARTY PANTS!

Max loves nitrate free hot togs-chicken and turkey.

I always like to post this kind of stuff since Max is totally wheat free, dairy free, yeast free and gluten free with the exception of oats. I like to show people that a kid can eat tons of yummy stuff without the junk.

Good thing number 1: I quit my job and I am starting to take a Reiki Level 1 course. It has always been my dream to follow more of this path and not exactly sure where it will go but so excited. Of course I am nervous because I do enjoy my work in real estate but it is time, before another baby (possibly trying in the Spring), to be around more like minded people.


Good thing number 3: I made an appointment for Max and I to see a new chiropractor who is right down the street. I am trying to nip this ear infection crap in the behind.

Good thing number 4: I know that Max is not sleeping because he has an ear infection and not because I am a bad mom who has a bad sleeping baby.

Good thing number 5: I am throwing a birthday party tomorrow eve for one of my best friends and another friend and the hubby is going to Atalantic city with buddies to gamble and leaving the girls and MAX! Yeah and my friend is sleeping over!! I love birthdays!!

Good thing number 6: I am trying to get my body back into health and luckily I have a number of great practitioners working on it. (part of the reason I am quitting is that the stress has been ripping me apart. It is more difficult to be part time in real estate than it would be full time. I was spending my days off taking care of things that needed to be done..so anyway)

Good thing number 7: Max has started to take more than just 5 steps at a time.

Good thing number 8: I love Max

Good thing number 9: I have a great family even though I wanted to punch my husband in the face today..yes he probably said something and doe she not know my hormones are wacky because I just stopped breast feeding and I quit my job. Why don’t men read minds??
*note to Christy of Cakerwakers: I am right there with you momma!!

Good thing number 10: I have some great blog mommas and pappas who read my blog and give me such great suggestions.